Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SingTel Optus to cut hundreds of jobs

Source: Skynews

Though this is no surprise I pity Optus. Its a double whammy for Optus, given the current business situation &on top of it the regulatory situation in Australia is not good either. But the timing of this may send a wrong message to general public. i.e. Major re-organization to merge Consumer businesses in Singapore + Optus, then sack hundreds of Optus staff. Is it the jobs're taken our from Australia and moved to Singapore?

Well, that's not the case atleast for the time being. It may happen in the future which is uncertain right now. But one day SingTel or for that matter majority of telco's in Asia will go towards managed services path. With such a heavy reliance on $ &C & limited focus on innovation, we are not going to see an Engineering led TELCO. This will simply result in 'less costs' & 'more profits' culture which MS promises on the paper.


Too fast to post my entry. Saw the news on SingTel 'outsourcing' their network to Huawei in ChannelNewsAsia

Too bad to hear that SingTel outsourcing to Huawei. I believe its a tough decision for SingTel given their legacy/culture.

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