Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Borderlinx India - Worst ever service..

I've ordered an item from Amazon and thought Borderlinx was a good choice. I've used it in Singapore many times and never had any problem.
But I was wrong...

1. First the delivery was delayed by 4 days (I paid extra for Express Global Delivery)
2. Second, they overcharged me USD 80 (For the product worth $40 they charged me 120 in taxes and claim that's what Indian Customs charged). When I checked with Customs the answer is for food items there is no Custom charges if its below $100.
3. Borderlinx can't provide any receipts of proof of payment to Customs/Duties
4. No reply to emails/complaints
5. More than month & no follow-up.

Finally I decided to look in to the options to bring them to Court or Small Claims tribunal. I can't really share the details as it's under Court now but will certainly share the details once it;s over.


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    1. my appologies, its for the Better Business Bureau, our company is located in Florida (FL) when you look up.