Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Air India - Wish Mr.Modi make a daring decision to close this loss making, arrogant employee mafia organization and a disgrace to India

I still recall the early days of The Maharaja, and the warmth of traditional indian folks welcoming with a smile & nameste in to the 747. The feeling itself was like you're no longer in USA but in India.

But we all know what is going on with Air India these days. Be it an air-hostess turning off auto-pilot while the pilot dozing off or Pilot with fake papers, or fighting mid-air. All these things are visible in public news, but the most important thing is "experience". If any of you every flew with AI, you know what I mean.

Anyway, after almost a  decade, I took Air India. The new Boeing 787 to SG in dirt & dull color waiting for me on the tarmac in new delhi. The first sight itself was not too good, but I told my inner self not to be cynical and get on. Surprise, no welcome or I couldnt even recognize the crew. They are just like any other passenger. Wearing regular dresses, with unshaven/unkempt hair, and most importantly talking in the mobile phones. Was a bit confused, but managed to find my seat and tried to relax by closing my eyes.

#1st annoyance: Right after the flight started pulling out, there is a hard tap on my shoulder and I opened my eyes. There was this lady who mumbled "you need to listen to the security message". OMG, so I can't even close my eyes (no earset/pods at all)?. I refused and continued in my thoughts while trying to throw my irritation away

#2nd annoyance: Within 30 min, the usual fare of serving drinks, food began. I requested not to disturb as it was well past mid-night. While I almost knocked-off, there is another rude voice and a hard tap on my head rest as if somebody trying to hit me. There is another guy who is concerned that I am skipping my meals and not drinking anything. Irritated quite badly

#3rd annoyance: Did I mentioned that they forgot to switch off the lights?

#4th annoyance: Did I mentioned that the crew just took the last row of seats and started to sleep (as if it's a bed)? Even during when the seat belt sign is on?

#5th annoyance: By the way there is no service at all. Even when you push the button multiple times A passenger who was sitting few seats in-front of me need some hot water / milk. She tried to call the crew at-least 5 times but couldn't see anybody bothered.

#6th annoyance: Did I mentioned that they really know how not to use any equipment? For example the new 787 windows can't be dimmed/opened up with the seat buttons? It's centrally controlled so one would miss the beautiful sunrise totally.

Anyway, the list goes on. Be it the dirty, smelly seats (on the 787 itself) or total lack of empathy from the crew (did they even know the meaning of service) to attend the needy or vomiting passengers (btw, the crew doesnt even bother to clean), or noisy cabin with crew shouting across the flight (????)..

Overall, all I could tell you guys is if you want to feel like you are in the worst place possible on earth, just get on the air india for a long haul flight. IMHO, they quickly need to close this loss making, money sucking machine and disgrace of India from business. Atleast we could save some tax payers money (Billion $ / year atleast).