Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lack of any insurance provider for iPad, iPhone or Smartphone in Singapore

I have subscribed to Zurich / Mobile cover, and had some sort of peace of mind. Especially with a thousand dollar gadget in my two young kids hands. Unfortunately they stopped renewing the contract, and I couldnt find any similar insurance options for the iPad.

I have tried my best to child proof by getting a survivor case (not exactly same but similar), but today the unfortunate thing happened.

Unfortunately have no choice but through it off. The repair from apple store costs me almost the price of a new ipad 16gb, while the other shops quoted me slightly lower than that. Wish I could have got something like endsleigh in SG.

But this reminds me once again of the dangers with gadgets and kids :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Age limit for a public sector job in India / Telangana state - 54 years for handicapped, and 49 / 45 for rest

Source: Indian Express

Wish this is not true, but seems 54 years is the maximum age a person can get in to a job. I am not sure but the state of affairs is worrying me. Taking the retiring age of 60, they have a maximum service duration of 6 years? Then another recruiting exercise to happen? or extend the retirement age then going to pass the job to their children? Who is going to bear the costs??