Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google just killed Reader.. In search for good alternatives

What a terrible day to start with. The leaders at Google just decided to kill Google reader and the last day is 30-Jun-2013 which is around three months from now.

At surface it may looks like a typical cleaning exercise but I see the step is due to the not so great success of RSS (or failure ?). I tried to explain how RSS works to my Dad for months before I decided to just subscribe via email.

When a technology doesn't reach masses, it's obvious the life of it going to be short. Sad to say.

I am going to miss this reader very much and already started to look out for good RSS reader. One obvious option is "Flipboard", but it's a bit heavy. I will try Feedly & Pulse later today and see which one suits me the best.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Corruption becoming Public - Thailand Visa On Arrival at Bangkok

If you are one of those nationals who are visiting Thailand and hoping to get Visa On Arrival, yes you can do that. But at the queue itself you'll get a shock of your life. Perhaps this is the only place where I saw people asking for extra money so publicly and daringly it's a shame for the people.

There are two queues at the V.O.A desk. One if normal and the other is Priority. So Priority is supposed to be for physically challenged, old age folks and families with young kids.

For both queues the VISA Charges are "1000" THB only. But the moment you enter the priority queue, the lady at the counter would immedietly asks you to pay for 1200. If you refuse, the answer is very blunt. Go and queue at the normal line.

What exactly the Government of Thai doing here? I am not talking about some road side desks or remote public offices. This is the largest airport in the country where millions of people transit every day. What exactly is the motive behind simply ignoring this?

No idea, but my impression on BKK dropped by few points.