Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ez-link card transaction history

Appstore Link Here

Accidentally found this app for iPhone and this is good info there. This is good to track your transactions and if you suspect you're overcharged you can confirm online without going to the machines @ MRT.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Youtube speed test - Singapore, M1 fiber

Good throughput these days and after upgrading to Fiber no complaints :)
@29 SGD/month for 50Mbps this may not be a steal, but much better compared to what I used to pay for 6 Mbps. Now the only complaint is the 'proxy' stuff where the transparent proxy seems to be breaking downloads/streaming at times.

If not, I'll give 5* to M1 Fiber.

pasar malam @ Ang Mo Kio

After a long time there was a pasar malam @ Ang Mo Kio. This was along the Ang Mo Kio Ave -3, right next from the MRT to all the way till Ave 10.
For me the best part of these bazaar is the 'ramly burger' and the minor/small house hold items typically we don't get in NTUC or markets. I can see quite a number of people as late as 10.30 PM and hope to see the bazaar soon again..
Great stuff and wish there is a way to find the current pasar malam activities in town :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Air India - Upgrade to Exec class

It was a surprise to me that I got upgraded in Air India during my return trip :)

It's sweet but the experience is no diff compared to economy class. Same service and same 'dusty' & 'dirty' seats. Food is slightly better and seats are obviously wider. I still hope the Maharaja can turnaround and improve the service standards. Be it at the airport handling or in flight or for that matter the web site..

Air india - entertainment system, A ten inches touch screen LCD system..

After more than eight years, I was forced to take airindia flight and my first feeling was "still the same". Same aunties with grim look on their faces as if they are doing a favor to us, young gals with robotic smile as if they're programmed to smile every 30 sec.
Dirty seats, smelly interior.. Then I realized something. There is a something that looks like a LCD in front of me and this is the economy or cattle class ;) More interestingly

"It's a 10" touch screen LCD"

I couldn't believe until I tried to access the features. Then I came back to my senses that I am flying in AI. The system simply doesn't work and the only channel which was working is the flight tracking :)
There're no ear phones offered or on sale which makes the entire entertainment system a joke.

The problem with AI or most of the indian organizations or infra is the initial investment is world class but the maintenance or service is of ???? class... Sorry no words to explain ..

Source: CNA

I guess the colorful HDB blocks at Rocher will soon become part of history.
As part of north south expressway or NSE these blocks will be acquired.

This is one thing I love & hate. Love for not falling in love with some concrete blocks and causing inconvenience to masses. Hate for taking the memories, emotions associated with the concrete which makes it 'home'

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google / Gmail supports SMS as a Chat

Source: Google

Google starts supporting SMS from Gmail. Each account is given 50 credits (means 50 SMS) and there are plenty of operators/countries support. Sadly Singapore is not supported :(. I don't really understand why Singapore is not supported (same with Twitter) though SMS is almost free here and one can send SMS from operator web site.
Anyway hope to see the SMS in Gmail  for more countries. :)