Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Air india - entertainment system, A ten inches touch screen LCD system..

After more than eight years, I was forced to take airindia flight and my first feeling was "still the same". Same aunties with grim look on their faces as if they are doing a favor to us, young gals with robotic smile as if they're programmed to smile every 30 sec.
Dirty seats, smelly interior.. Then I realized something. There is a something that looks like a LCD in front of me and this is the economy or cattle class ;) More interestingly

"It's a 10" touch screen LCD"

I couldn't believe until I tried to access the features. Then I came back to my senses that I am flying in AI. The system simply doesn't work and the only channel which was working is the flight tracking :)
There're no ear phones offered or on sale which makes the entire entertainment system a joke.

The problem with AI or most of the indian organizations or infra is the initial investment is world class but the maintenance or service is of ???? class... Sorry no words to explain ..

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