Monday, March 12, 2012

Hyderabad - International City ??

Though its our capital I don't really feel that Hyderabad reached the status of International city yet. My beloved city still lags behind the rest of the metro's or even Bangalore. Be it the 'courteous people' or 'culture' or 'work culture' or 'air travel connectivity'.
Now I've another surprise from DHL :) See it below. The mail to Hyderabad goes via Chennai..

Sunday, March 11, 2012LocationTime
19Forwarded for deliveryHYDERABAD - INDIA16:32
18Arrived at Sort Facility HYDERABAD - INDIAHYDERABAD - INDIA12:35
17Departed Facility in CHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIACHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIA05:34
16Arrived at Sort Facility CHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIACHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIA02:08
Saturday, March 10, 2012LocationTime
14Shipment on holdCHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIA11:52
13Clearance processing complete at CHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIACHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIA04:36
12Arrived at Sort Facility CHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIACHENNAI (MADRAS) - INDIA04:06
Friday, March 09, 2012LocationTime
11Departed Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK07:11


  1. DHL has flights operating directly from London to Chennai. whats wrong in this..

  2. Nothing wrong. I am talking about Hyd which is yet to reach the likes or four metros. Quoted DHL as one example which doesn't run direct flights to Hyd.

  3. If they operate direct flights to every city, they will be bankrupt. I have seen even packages to Mumbai also arriving first at Chennai. Nothing to do with stature or lack thereof Hyd. False pride.

    1. It's sarcastic.. if the route is via Singapore, then the obvious destination is Chennai. That's how it ends up. If it's via Dubai, then it may go via Mumbai --> Hyd.