Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple iOS release 5.1 (not 5.0.1 but real 5.1)

Just updated my iPhone to iOS 5.1. Main reason for the upgrade is to 'try' whether this solves my battery drain.
Ofcourse it will take couple of days before I can really fell the improvement (if any) but there are few useful updates caught my eye.

First one is the increase in 'app' download limit from current 20MB to 50MB. This is a big thing to me because whenever I update the app's the 'frustrating' popup comes and asks me to connect to Wi-Fi. Now I can forget this part most of the times.

Second is the "removal of photo from iCloud photo stream". In the past we can't remove a single photo. With 5.1 this is added. Lame but I am used to apple so never bothered about this. By the way I started to use Google+ for photo update so it is easy to share with friends :). So this is not a really big deal to me but I can clean up old 'pics'
[EDIT]: This is not really 'removing from iCloud but only from your iPhone". So if you happened to sync your iPhone & iPad to the same iCloud account there is no way you can remove it from iCloud :|

Third is the "camera shortcut" which is always present next to "slide to open" in lock screen.


Surprisingly my batter life improved and now it can last one full day :)

Secondly the "push mail" seems to be improved. In the past I see delayed 'push' but now I can see the popup on my iPhone before it appears in my exchange.

So it looks like there are some good improvements in 5.1 (Singapore version)

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