Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mobile Turbo Boost - Is it a real "Use Case" ?

I've seen many of the mobile vendors talking about "Turbo Boost" as a use case to entice operators to purchase their products.

So the idea is a subscriber gets choppy video and when he purchases  turbo boost by paying extra money the bandwidth is updated on the fly and Customer will experience good quality video.

The way I see it is this is one of the absurd idea of a monetization stream. Just imagine you are paying $X for your cable operator but you are getting choppy video. Imagine your Operator asking "extra money" whenever you want to get a "good quality video". Would you still continue with the service ?

This is exactly the same situation. If Operator is 'improving' the video quality then I can understand the 'premium'. But for offering 'basic' video why would subscriber pay ?

I saw Cisco, Ericsson, NSN preaching the usecases to justify their Policy/GW solution. Weird enough they even have 'survey results' to show that Operators want "turbo boost" as one of the differentiatior.

Well, if I see the service in any operator portfolio, I wouldn't even subscribe to their services. I simply need a 'basic' service which works


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