Saturday, March 10, 2012

Purchased a Samsung Mono Laser Printer - 1865W

Just purchased this mono laser for occasional home usage. Initially I was looking for a MFC but realized I don't really need a MFC and opted for a cheaper alternative.

I went to IT Show 2012 at Suntec City and as usual the place was crowded madly. I wonder how these shows attract such a massive crowds even with no price difference compared to sim lim square :)

Anyway the box is pretty solid and so far managed to try the features and the 'app' in iPhone where you can directly print the stuff to printer. At $110 this is a pretty good deal for me though the toner is rather expensive. But for occasional use and considering the long shelf life of a toner I don't see purchasing a replacement toner within the next year. So may be when the show comes the next time I might simply purchase a new printer :)

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