Thursday, March 1, 2012

SingTel 2G/3G BBOM or Data Network down..

I was in the office yesterday and seems SingTel Mobile BBOM was down again.. @ Tanjong Pagar to Suntec (CBD area) I couldn't connect.

This morning there was a slight problem but so far seems the problem resolved quite fast.

However right now (@1500 Hrs) I could connect to 3G + Data network but I can't browse any sites. I tried resetting the network settings & turn on/off the phone but still the same problem.

There was a old trick I remembered since Magix days. change the proxy.. So I did changed the APN settings and it started working :).. So e-ideas to internet on my iPhone resolved the problem. Though it did disabled my Personal Host Spot (reason here) it worked well.

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