Sunday, January 8, 2012

SMRT Circle line signalling problem (3rd time in quarter), Qantas A380 problem, SingTel network problem..

What exactly is going on? Are we totally lost our focus on the quality in pursuit of higher profits? Or is it just a matter of coincidence?. I prefer to settle with the latter option but something in my mind tells me very strongly that it can't be a mere coincidence.

Atleast from Singapore context I can tell confidently this is due to the 'skill-set' issue at top management. There're days when technology companies are led by Engineers but now a days these are run by Accountants. In my 8 years experience at a local telco, I saw how the attention changed from quality to profitability or business case. Engineers were no longer considered as an 'asset' and replaced by 'scholars'. While I respect these scholars I strongly oppose the idea of they running the network. These scholars are not techies but fresh graduates and 'book' smart. They rely completely on vendors and make decisions based on 'vendor' criteria.

I'd experienced few challenges working with them and it was kinda 'dilbert show' to me. The classic one was during the 3G launch. One of the 'planner aka planning manager' who is a fresh grad (ASIAN scholar) supposed to 

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