Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anise, Mugwort, Fennel - Absinthe; Common herbs in Indian kitchen.

Ok. If you ever seen Absinthe or the green fairy logically you'd think that this is an European stuff and for asians this is not a traditional drink.
But I was curious and tried finding out how it was made. Believe me guys, you'd be surprised how widely we use the ingredients of Absinthe in our day to day life :).

If you are from India and not a spoiled kid of rich parents I'm sure you'd know these things.

Jeera (జీలకర్ర), Saumph (సోంపు), Risht/Mashipatri (మాచిపత్రి), then what exactly is the association with Absinthe which has the most concentrated alcohol content?

I'm dumb surprised to know that Absinthe is made from these three main ingredients.

Below link from Wikipedia.

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