Thursday, January 26, 2012

OCBC & Lim Tan securities were down due to a Power Failure at Hosting site

Source: CNA

Strange enough, SingTel came to the news once again for not so good reasons. According to the press release from OCBC there was a "electricity" fault at the Hosting company premises and it caused the four hour outage this morning.

Also Lim Tan Securities servers too failed. Now the big question is how come both the servers failed at the same time unless the entire power feed in the row of racks tripped or both servers hosted in the same rack and the rack power supply tripped.

Seems both were hosted at Expan (SingTel Hosting services name). My guess is based on IP addresses of iocbc & - -

Both were owned by SingTel (first block is old block from SingNet and those days they used to give /27 or /26 blocks to customers. So the address in APNIC shows OCBC).

Hopefully this is not going to affect DBS :)

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