Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby milestones - Telugu celebrations

I tried to find the milestones and celebrations which we used to hear from our grand parents but couldn't find anywhere in the web. So thought of speaking to the parents & below is the list

The names are written in anglicized Telugu & Telugu script. If not sure just drop me a note :)

English Version

Approx ageMilestoneCelebrate with
Around 2nd month Smiling Nuvvula Vunda
Around 3rd monthCooing Undrallu
Around 4th/5th month Flipping/Turning Boorelu
Around 10th/18th month First steps Ariselu
Around 1st/2nd year Crossing door/short steps Garelu
Around 1st/2nd year First phrases/words Panchadara Chilakalu

Telugu Version

రమారమి వయసు వృద్ధి పండుగ 
2 మాసము చిరునవ్వులు  నువ్వుల ఉండ
3 మాసము ఊలు కొట్టుట  ఉండ్రాళ్ళు
4 /5 మాసము   బోర్ల పడుట బూరెలు
10 / 18 మాసము  తప్పటడుగులు  అరిసెలు
1 / 2 సంవత్సరము గడప దాటుట గారెలు
1 / 2 సంవత్సరము చిలక పలుకులు పంచదార చిలకలు

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