Friday, March 18, 2011

some photos from India - Ongole, Motumala

In my recent trip to India, we managed to find some time to visit one of the villages. Some photos from the trip.
Government School in the village
Though the cities and urban areas changed a lot, the rural side still keeps the traditions, cultural practice and relations. The photo here is the school children celebrating the National Day and you can see the beautiful kids 'praying' for the nation. These schools used to be the backbone of nations education system, but recently with the privatization most of the qualified teachers opted for cities and higher pays. Still we can find some of the best teachers in rural areas, but the numbers are dwindling so does the quality of education.
-Famous kotha patnam beach.

This is a beautiful beach near Kotha Patnam town, and when we're kids the place was quite peaceful. Now pretty commercialized with weekend crowds and business men occupying most of the place. The terrible thing I noticed is most of the beach front areas are occupied by political leaders (understood the market rate for acre is close to 300 grand).
Kotha patnam beach - fishing boats

Another view of the beach with fishing boats in the back. Traditionally the besta community stays near the sea and they are exceptionally good in understanding the signs and symptoms of sea. This place was hit by Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, and thanks to the wisdom of old folks who understand that there is a problem with the 'sound & color of ocean' and moved to higher grounds. Significant damage was done to the boats, fishing nets and assets but now its back to normal.


Vempali Chettu
This plant used to occupy almost all the empty lands when I was a kid and the farmers used to plow the land with this plant. This contains lots and lots of minerals and offers the necessary nutrients for the paddy. This is the real 'organic booster'
Vempali Chettu. (Sci: Tephrosia Purpurea), in Hindi it's called Saraphonkh


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