Sunday, March 13, 2011

IPv6 services in Singapore

After my post here, I've called the three telco's for IPv6 consumer services. Surprisingly none of them offering to consumers. Singnet told that they are currently ready to offer for SME/Corporate and if I am interested, then I can speak to my account manager or technical support folks. Even their fiber offering as part of NG-NBN doesn't come with IPv6 addresses.

I think our ISP's are believing that they can manage with NAT or CGN given the fact that the market is pretty saturated and growth prospects are limited. However they'd be surprised with Mobile. There is huge potential in mobile market space and this in turn can spur connected home or M2M or other value added services. So dear ISP's, better to offer earlier so valuable knowledge can be gained.


SingTel updated its website here. Hope they start offering IPv6 soon in Singapore.

Right now large enterprises can opt in for the poc/trial and based on my understanding with singtel, they are willing to offer almost all the current services (multicast is an exception though)

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