Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reliance chooses Cisco ASR-5000

Source: Cisco Blog

I think this can be a very good entry for Cisco in 3G/LTE domain in India. So far the Chinese vendors dominated the market. Indeed Reliance uses Huawei equipment heavily and typically the contract agreements with Huawei comes with a "commercial loan" from Chinese bank. (Huawei publicly admitted in their open letter to USA. I've posted it here) So I am a bit surprised that Reliance opted for Cisco.

Knowing Bharti heavy reliance on managed services model, and Ericsson strong push for their Ericsson SE1200 (Old Redback SE1200) routers I believe Bharti is using lot of SE1200 boxes in their 3G network. TATA in turn is using Juniper & Huawei. Overall, this is going to be a battle ground for traditional mobile vendors as well as the IP vendors.

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