Thursday, January 4, 2018

Putting the blame or fault on others..A grumbling post in the new year

Why can't companies accept the fault instead of trying to put the blame on something else? Why can't the firms even try to give additional information so customers can make an informed choice? I do agree and accept a one-off incident or something that's reasonably beyond their capabilities. After few bad experiences with CITI bank, I started to notice the nitty-gritty details and below are some examples.
  • Airline announcements:
"Due to the delay in incoming flight, your flight will be delayed by 30 min. We apologize for inconvenience"

I am very sure the airline does know that the flight is going to be late based on the departure timings, mid-air positions or simply some basic estimations. Why can't the Airlines broadcast an SMS or WhatsApp earlier? 
  • CITI Bank
Seriously? This is your "APP" and "SYSTEM" which sucks big time and stop putting the blame on bad internet speed.

Why can't you simply state that the App sucks and Customers have no choice but using it? or go back to Web-based version?

  • HSBC
This is another great company with decades-old systems. I don't think I need to say more. Just use HSBC websites or Apps, and the messages will make you crazy. But their customer care (telephone) is probably the best among the foreign banks in Singapore (at least the priority one)

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