Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Grab & Uber Unfair practices with Cancellations

Today, the uber driver canceled after 12 minutes. I was rushing for a meeting and kind of pre-booked (uber does the current booking with scheduled time) and I waited at the pickup point for 10 min (Uber showing 6 min arrival time) and called the guy. Right after my call, the driver cancelled the trip and uber started to re-book again with 14 min pickup duration.

Now the worst part is when I try to cancel the trip, Uber threatens me that they would charge $6 for canceling.

Just yesterday a grab driver @ Mandai accepted the booking ( i was at Bishan) and asked me to cancel ??

Did you guys realize neither grab or uber has an easy way to reach them? Be it Customer care number or grievances?

Uber used to clearly show the "canceled" trips but now they only show "charged" trips. Which means if the driver cancels the trip, you shut your mouth and no way for you to feedback.

Grab is useless when it comes to customer care or service. They just work based on cheap prices alone. 

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