Friday, January 5, 2018

Artificial Intelligence on Phones... ?????

Source: Gartner & TelecomAsia

Well, I don't want my phone to decide
  • Which app to use for payment (I love the freedom of using credit card or cash or whatever I wish at that point of time rather than my phone buzzing me to use Visa or Apple Pay based on some short-term promotion promising instant benefit which can be mid-term or long-term negatives)
  • Which app to use for maps ( Waze or Apple or Google Maps depending on what I wish or which place I am)
  • Listening to all conversations (this is a big no-no for me. My government might be listening to protect me but not my phone listening and storing data on the phone so it can provide some questionable benefit)
  • My emotional state (I may be pretending to be happy but I don't want a device to tell me I am not or I am)
  • Profile me as old music addict ( I am having problems with Apple downloading unnecessary songs or Netflix recommending totally unrelated shows.. So stop it)
  • Change Photo/Camera settings ( I choose when to use Video or Slow-mo. Not the phone)
  • Restrict me what I can see or what I can listen.
What I want my phone to 
  • Provide me good quality "listening" experience to myself and other parties
  • Give me extended battery
  • Remove unnecessary permissions to Apps based on their behavior.
  • Enough battery to last a day+
  • Standard Interfaces so I don't have to spend a fortune every "upgrade"
In a nutshell, stop trying to "improve" my experience but please improve Vendor (Apps, Device Manufacturers or OTT App behavior.

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