Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Doki - Dumbest watch in the world with a expensive tag


Probably this is the dumbest smart watch I ever encountered but with a hefty price tag. Few reasons.

  • Not flexible at all. All activities must be done in their own eco-system
  • Default 10 min interval update (you can zoom down to 5 min periodic update) but it doesn't work unless you open + press refresh manually. 
  • Not possible to export the tracking details or location points
  • No google maps but an overlay with Doki own interface (which sucks by the way)
  • Text messages - Just one way. You can't read anything there because Doki hides it and no SMS interface
  • Alert area (Geo-fencing) - Doesn't work at all
  • Updates: The software crashes almost all the time. App on iPhone - ridiculously buggy too.

I am thinking of a "compact smartphone" for tracking purposes. I prefer google maps, location history then periodic updates which doesn't work or let me see it only on a phone

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