Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smart (?) way to cover up the faulty network - SingTel to offer free minutes during festive period (CNY)

Source: SingTel

I am one of those frustrated mobile users in Singapore. Things were not so bad few years ago and I used to show my brand new iPhone which can be used to 'make calls' to my American friends. Then slowly the smart phone became a show device which can be used to listen to music, messaging and snapping pictures.

That's it. Atleast for the last two years majority of Singaporean mobile phone users experienced dropped calls, coverage issues, terrible voice quality, cross talk and what not.

Call me cynical, but the above offer from SingTel doesn't make me happy. With such crappy coverage and experience who wants to use mobile phone unless if there is no option. For me, the good old Skype does a great job.

SingTel, you can't throw things under carpet by giving free minutes. You'll still get complaints from people that the quality sucks these days.

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