Monday, January 28, 2013

Premium bus services from Private Operators( Mybus etc) - Problem with display, stops.

It is really puzzling me to see why can't premium bus service operation details printed at bus stops. For example, I see SBS Transit, SMRT numbers (e.g. 541, 548, 549) been published at all bus stops and even online tools like or google maps show the numbers.
But when we see premium buses (LTA Website with routes), I don't seem in the display or online tools.

Places like Changi Business Park (CBP) which I say are mainly using these premium buses are not doing their part too.If you enter CBP, there is no proper bus stop or display for info. It is just based on verbal or look in to LTA site to explore yourself. The updates in LTA site seems not very accurate. Atleast I can say one example where 741 runs two services in the morning in reality while the website shows as one.

Is it the problem with premium operators who cannot commit to long term or is it simply we vs them? If it is the latter i'd be very worried. As the end user I'd want to see a seamless if not near seamless public transport connectivity. Hopefully LTA would improve the situation.

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