Monday, January 28, 2013

FDI - Investment in to India compared with Singapore, Hongkong

Source: World Bank

Here is a screenshot from worldbank. It shows the FDI data based on 2011. I guess it'd take a while to compile the statistics for 2012. When I looked at 2011, that info is sufficient enough to think about the state of Indian system.
India is such an enormous country with wonderful talents, rich with heritage and culture; Highly skilled Indians are driving the internet world and you can see them almost in every technology company.
But what is wrong with India within?

Few key concerns. I won't blame the politicians but blame the people. First and foremost people started to accept that this is the 'norm' be it the simple things like stopping at red signal or billion $ corruption scandals.

It really worries me and no wonder not only the people but the firms loosing confidence in the system. God bless India.

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