Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Solar Power generation in India - Plenty of opportunities and huge potential

Ok. I started this post after experiencing the massive power cut in India personally couple of weeks back.

Power was gone for couple of days almost and what surprises me is the level of redundancy, failsafe mechanisms put by five star hotels, office buildings and shopping malls. This may looks good on surface but I am quite sad to see their dis-trust in the system. People do not trust the power supply so it is very common in India to have backup as part of any important installation. Not for few hours but days. We see this kind of backup power/ups in mission critical deployments but in India this is common even in shopping malls.

Most of these generators uses diesel which is damn expensive and putting pressure on the petrol bill. The initial deployment it self increases the cost of business and the operating expenditure would add up to it.

If the government is really sincere in its efforts to reduce the reliance on imports, they should start focusing on Solar power.

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