Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Singapore Airlines - Need to improve, re-invent and face the bigger threats

When we say SQ or Singapore Airlines, every singaporean and resident will take some proud in it. Be it setting the standards in service or innovating SQ led the way for years.

But there seems to be little improvement or lack of it recent years. While I certainly agree that it is very tough to continue the same (i.e. easy to go from 40 to 50; but 85 to 95 is tough) but the expectations are different and new levels are defined.

Still SQ is one of the six 5-Star Airlines in operation, the recent ranking (world airline & Skytrax) both showed SQ in 3rd position rather than in 1st or 2nd which it used to be for years. The top honors goes to Qatar & Asiana.

Based on my personal experience, the SQ seems to be missing the important point: Which is Customer Experience and attention to small or minor things.

For example, The headphones in Economy class is a First from SQ. Then it became a standard. However the definitions of in-flight entertainment changed and now the audio quality from these headphones became terribly bad. it's been years since the industry started to standardize to standard 3.5 mm audio jacks while SQ still maintains the 3-pin jacks. One may say 'adapter' or buy yourself. This defeats the purpose totally. If I're to do it myself then what is the differentiation from SQ?

These fine details and attention is what made SQ a world class carrier with superior service levels. Now I don't see the same from SQ. The machines are hardware became commoditized , but the software or the 'touch' from SQ can keep it different from others.

Oh yeah, I should talk about food too (If not I can't do justice to Singapore). For heavens sake change the wines. Getting so bored with the wines collection.

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