Saturday, September 8, 2012

SilkAir to operate flight from Singapore to Visakhapatnam

Source: Hindu

Finally.. What a great news. It's been a pain for people traveling to Vizag (aka visakapatnam) to/from Singapore.  The nearest airports are in Hyderabad & Chennai which is approximately 600 & 800 km far. This will take easily 12 hours journey on a train. The catchment area is pretty huge and I wonder why there is no direct flight. People from East Godavari - southern districts in Orissa is pretty much connected with Vizag and this is going to be a pretty good news for them.

Hopefully silkair will release the schedule soon. At this time, there is no news/schedule in SilkAir website.

On a side note Tiger too started a flight from Singapore to Hyderabad. Though Silkair runs a daily service to Hyd, Tiger going to be a good news for people in Hyd. Best wishes guys..

Prices are rather reasonable (of course timings sucks as usual being a budget airline) with a two way tickets are going from ~300+ depending on season, time of booking. This is excluding all baggage, or meals etc.

Update: Silkair just published the rates.Prices are SGD-538. Not too bad if you can go to Vizag directly and save almost a day in train / bus journey.


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