Sunday, September 30, 2012

DealExtreme - Cheap electronic/accessories online and FREE postage to anywhere

Most of the guys in Singapore(or region) knows DX or DealExtreme. This is a online webstore similar to Amazon but the best part is the delivery is free of charge worldwide. I guess that's their USP . Though there are some complaints I am quite happy with their goods and service so far. If I feedback on a faulty item, the replacement is almost immediate without any questions asked.

You can see a conversation between me & DX recently on a DOA item. I was curious to see how the solar charger works on an iPhone so I placed an order and the item came as DOA. I can see it get's charged for a couple of min (red light on) but it just goes off immed. Connecting to iPhone doesn't work too. So within couple of days the DX service exec clarified with me and offered a replacement..Great job.

Order #: 120903001096xxxxxxx27
Request Type: DOA (Dead on Arrival) Item
Status: Closed
Ticket number: 51635xxxxxxxxxxxxD85B8570FAAD3A0798E
Date Received: 9/26/2012 2:39:24 PM (UTC)
Notification E-mail: xxxxxt*****.*** (masked for privacy)
Defective SKU : 94466  

Description: Hi, This piece doesn't even get charged. There are three small lights at the bottom which supposed to show some activity. I've connected the USB cable to direct power source, laptop power source, and even put it under direct sunlight for 2 hours to see any change or indication. It seems the battery itself is dead.I can't

Dear customer

Have a nice day. Thanks for your support with DX.

A free replacement
94466 has been processed for you, and we rushed your order, so the items will be shipped immediately. You will receive a notification email once we get it shipped. And it would be much appreciated if you could kindly give a mark for my service.

Once we shipped the parcel, you can track the replacement using your existing order number

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