Sunday, May 22, 2011

IPv6 deployment - Taking time..

Why IPv6 still finding its place in Gov & Universities? With the push from industry as well as regulatory bodies I was hoping by 2011 we'll start to see main stream services but today I feel it'll take few more years before we see such services.

I happened to talk to some of my friends working at big organizations. Surprising companies like Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM yet to start IPv6 in their internal networks. The reason is " No immediate requirement".

I agree that there is no immediate requirement in internal LAN but this is where IPv6 will find its mass market. Unless enterprises opt for it we don't see the traffic going north. It is the same reason, why ISP's & TELCO's are not starting IPv6 in their networks.

Imagine today a mobile operator running on IPv4 private. Nothing 'pushes' the operator to deploy IPv6. No apparent revenue driver, but cost wise it is going to be higher.

Mobile Networks today doesnt support v4v6 PDP which means for every IPv6 session this is going to be a "NEW session" and Operator ends up paying higher license charge as well as provide more resources in the core network. This will increase costs significantly. Also Customer is not demanding (won't be demanding) public IP or reachable IP address. So without strong push or pull factor the technology cannot be deployed.

Secondly, today almost 100% content is on IPv4 network. Exceptions like Google, MS, are there but majority of the websites still running on v4. So even if an operator deploys v6 100% and implement a NAT device this is not poolfroop yet because some of the services seems not working with 6to4 NAT (Skype, IM, Facebook etc). So this is another big hurdle.

Hopefully the v4v6 PDP comes up with more and more content providers making their content available on v6 that's the day we see more v6 traffic.

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