Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cisco cius - Any takers??

AT&T will be the second carrier to start selling Cisco Cius (pronounced as See US). Indicative price is ~ USD 900. Now the big question is who is the targeted audience?

Rumor says that APAC will follow by middle of the year. So hopefully the box is available in Singapore later part of the year.

Also what is/are the USP of Cius compared to the market leader iPad or the new entrants Samsung, RIM etc? It comes with a  7" screen, android & pretty standard features like bluetooth, wi-fi, 3G etc. Cisco tops with WebEx & VPN client, but these are already available for iPad or Android tabs. So what exactly is the differentiation factor? No idea ..:|

My opinion is soon we'll see Cisco withdrawing Cius product from the market similar to Flip. Hope Cisco will get their business strategy soon. If not the 'once most valuable company' will be go down in the history and will be a subject for MBA students.

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