Monday, April 18, 2011

Stolen GSM Network - Libiya

Source: theregister

Interesting post there. Basically the opposition 'stole' the GSM network in their strong hold area from the TELCO Libyana(Owned by Gadaffi son). The 'new' network is serving 750,000 and covering the area the size of England.
No, they have not build any new base stations, antennas, networks, exchanges. what they've done is took the help of local engineers in Benghazi and 'disconnected' the local network from the Tripoli.

Typically the GSM system uses a encryption mechanism but many operators run without the encryption (Singapore - singtel enabled it only in 2006) so disconnecting the local/regional network with HQ is not very difficult. So the opposition/rebel forces can use the network to make voice calls. Understood that SMS is not working and I think the reason could be there is no SMSC in the region. They can simply use one SMSC locally or get some open smsc sort of things (cannot handle huge traffic) :)

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