Monday, April 18, 2011

Final /8 Public IP in Asia - APNIC

Source: APNIC

As per the news statement Asia is left with final /8 public IP. For Service Providers this is another reminder either they need to be ready with more cash to buy IP in secondary markets or prepare/start offering IPv6 services.
Singapore is seriously lagging in the adoption of new technologies and IPv6 is no exemption. Hopefully we can see services from Openent RSP's rather than using private IP...

For the details on policy process from APNIC, below is the info

9.10 Distribution of the final /8 worth of space in the unallocated APNIC IPv4 address pool

When the total remaining space in the unallocated APNIC address pool reaches a threshold of a total of one /8, the following policies will come into force.

9.10.1 Allocations to LIRs

Each APNIC account holder will be eligible to request and receive a single allocation from the remaining /8 worth of space, with the following conditions:
  1. Each allocation will consist of the minimum IPv4 allocation size
  2. The account holder must meet the criteria for receiving an IPv4 allocation specified in one of the following sections of this policy document:
    • 9.3 Criteria for initial allocation
    • 9.4 Criteria for subsequent allocations
All APNIC account holders are eligible to receive only one allocation from the final /8 worth of address space. This applies to both current and future account holders.

9.10.2 Allocations for future uses

A /16 will be held in reserve for future uses, as yet unforeseen.
If the reserved /16 remains unused by the time the rest of the remaining /8 worth of space has been allocated, the /16 will be returned to the APNIC pool for distribution under the policy described in Section 9.10.1, "Allocations to LIRs".

9.10.3 Transfers of IPv4 between APNIC account holders

For more information on this policy, see section 3 of APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition and takeover policy.

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