Thursday, December 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos - S6102: 3G or UMTS not working

I've blogged about a new Dual-SIM phone an year and half ago (here). It served me well, and saved from roaming costs as I tend to buy local SIM when I travel and use this as a hotspot + voice device.

But recently I've updated the firmware (Samsung pushed a new one) and that's where the problems started.  Now the phone couldnt stay on 3G network for a min. It connects when it starts afresh but immediately goes in to "no network". I've tried by resetting it and at first thought SIM card issue so changed the SIM but finally realized it's something to do with the phone itself. Irony is it works great on GSM :(

Currently the updated version is DDMF4. Old one was DDLJ1. I tried to fallback (odin+stock firmware from XDA) but somehow both my laptops couldn't detect it in recovery mode. Unfortunately there is no heimdall version. Seems like I need to cook my own.

Android Version: 2.3.6
Baseband Version: S6102DDMF4
Kernel Version:
Version: DDMF4 (auto update from samsung)

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