Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding a good in ear earphones with mic for mobile phone and VoIP calls

I am really frustrated after my 6 months old Skullcandy earphone stopped working (only left side) and this is probably my 8th one the last two years. Most of the times, I end up buying through Amazon or online, so I could  count the number and amount of money wasted on ear phones. On the other hand, my trusted Creative Noise Cancelling headset  HN-900 is working flawlessly over three years. 

I do good care for headset and earphones and some hoe the earphones are always end up with faulty mic or failure on one side. 

So far I've used following and among them the best would be perhaps the Puregear. So here goes the list from Amazon

I am wondering if I could just buy some cheap ones as the lifetime seems to be the same but again, I use earphones for hours. So need comfortable ones.. Sad but no choice..

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