Thursday, December 22, 2011

Premium banking, Priority banking in Singapore

Someone (i guess telemarketing folks) called from Citi Bank and offered me their premium banking product called "CITI Gold" and my reaction was 'no thanks' as I thought it was another credit card :)
But later on while speaking to some of my friends realized it's a kind wealth management product. The funny part is I tried to contact them but the contact us form ( ) must have been designed by a looser or a smart manager who doesn't want any one to really contact citi gold.

After trying couple of times the site simply gives an error saying "

Sorry. One of the characters you entered is not allowed by the system for security reasons. For your protection, your request has been stopped.
You may try this request again or try another one by selecting one of the options displayed.

Great. If you don't want to have me as a customer then I don't think I'd be chasing you too :)

Now I've a good long holiday where by I can understand different options and choose the one that is suitable to me.


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