Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prepaid mobile plan in Australia for travelers - II

Just left Sydney and wanted to share few +ve things about Optus prepaid mobile plan. I am quite happy I 'opt ed' for the right thing.
The plan is called " Optus Dollar Days" and it's a AUD 2 / day for unlimited text, voice & data. You can re-charge, top-up in 10, 15, 20 ..100. The validity is based on the $ value. i.e. $10 gives 10 days validity.

Here goes some screen shots on Data performance.
Most of the area the coverage was good and I can consistently get >1Mbps speed. Latency seems to be good as Skype, Google voice calls are pretty decent without any noticeable delay or lag. I tried downloading a file ~ 200MB to see whether the connection stays or 'reset' itself which is the case in most of the Asian nations. But seems there is no disconnections and I was able to download the entire file in less than 15 min.
Video playbook (HD) is good too and I can see some buffering so seems no trans-pacing is employed.

For the Voice & SMS part I am not sure but the SMS delivery seems pretty delayed. I sent around 10-15 text messages and most of them were delayed and I could see the recipient receiving almost after 5 min who is sitting right next to me :|
Voice quality is Ok and I did experienced some call drops and ironically it was near Optus campus in Macquire park ;)


* Perhaps the best deal in town if you are on a short trip. With voice/text/data for $2 a day is a good deal and the experience is not bad too :)
* You can't tether to your notebook.i.e. this is only for mobile phone and the iphone tethering option is disabled.
* Night times (peak hours) city area is slightly slow but still >1Mbps. Rest I was able to get >2Mbps.

Go for it :)


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