Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Millionaire percentage, density across the world - Singapore tops again

Source: BCG

According to Boston Consulting Group recent survey, Singapore tops the millionaire percentage ratio with 15.5% or 1 in every 6.5 persons worth a million ;) Assuming an even distribution of wealth across the population  and 4 person household it makes 5 out of 8 houses a millionaire house.

US tops the list with most number of millionaires with 5.22 millions
Japan is in the 2nd place with 1.53 millions followed by China with 1.11 millions

Now the funny part is India. The number is 190,000 and ranks at 12th. This is because they worked based on "Official numbers". If were to go with the actual numbers I am sure India would beat lot of nations and jumps to be in the top 3.

Almost all metros are seeing Condominiums, Villas worth million dollars and I don't believe people who are staying there are not millionaires. Land rates increased so much that it is cheap to buy land in Singapore rather than in Mumbai or even rent office space in Singapore than Mumbai down town.

For that matter if we just count all the legislators of India, I am sure the rank will improve a lot. The Neta's & Babu's number can easily hit a million.

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