Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doing Business - India ranks all time low at 134.

Source: Doing Business report by world bank

Well, what to say. India ranks at 134, which is worse than Bangladesh (130), Sri Lanka (85), Nepal (105) and even Pakistan (110). It shows where exactly we are in terms of business friendliness. Be it the corruption at top or lack of 'productivity' at workers level, unnecessary strikes by unions, and most importantly the mindset of people. i.e. No wrong to tax business but give free stuff to people.

Some Interesting items and comments:

Based on cross sectional regression analysis and controlling for a large number of factors that affect unemployment, he shows that labor regulations in India’s retail sector undermine job creation. He further notes that labor reforms  could  increase  employment  in the retail sector by as much as 22% for an average store—a signi´Čücant effect given that the retail sector is India’s second largest  employer..

* Starting a business rank - 174 (bottom 5)
* Dealing with construction permits - 182 (bottom 5)
* Paying taxes - 158
    - time to pay taxes - 243 days
* Trading across borders - 132
* Enforcing contracts - 186 (bottom 3). Only Bangladesh & Timor-leste scored worse than us.

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