Monday, October 29, 2012

Multiple Gmail extension in Chrome - Checker Plus for Gmail

Source: Checker Plus for Gmail
Install here from Chrome Web Store

Most of you understand the pain to check emails from multiple gmail accounts. Whether it's a family PC which is shared among the family, or single person with multiple gmail accounts, the task of checking one after one is not an easy one. On top of it, there are plenty of not-so-urgent mails which simply needs a view.

With this little extension, you can save all the hassle. Be it just glancing through the content of the mail before deleting it, or clicking on links, or forwarding.. You can do almost all the regular tasks within the extension. I've installed it on my family PC and right now we're using it for 4 accounts and it works perfectly fine.

You can find more reviews and WIKI for FAQs in above links.

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