Thursday, October 25, 2012

Egg consumption per person by country - 2007 data.

Just now I saw an article in CNA, saying that Egg shortage in malaysia creating some issues. In the same article it was mentioned that Malaysians consume 320 eggs / year on average which is one of the highest in the world.
So that's where I started to wonder about the rest. A quick search resulted in some links but more authentic one was from a website called wattagnet. I can't paste the data here without their permission here but the details there are up to 2007. Based on 2007 data, the top most consumers are from Brunei.

But the study is in KG so another quick search led me to, BBC, and convertto. On an average the assumption is ~40 grams. So approx 25 eggs/KG.

  • Brunei - 20.99 kilo grams / person / year or 524 eggs 
  • Followed by Denmark, Japan, Paraguay, Mexico, Netherlands & China
  • China - 17.41 kilo grams / person/ year or 435 eggs.
  • USA - 14.29 kilo grams / person / year or 357 eggs. It stood at 16
  • Malaysia - 12.21 kilo grams / person / year or 306 eggs. It's rank is 21.
  • India - 2.07 kilo grams / person / year or 51 eggs. Rank is 128 :)

I couldnt find Singapore data in the study but from AVA, I've got this info.

  • Singapore - 302 eggs in 2007 (rank is 24); Or 308 eggs in 2011.
Well, finally why did the chicken crossed the road ?? (Don't ask me for the answer; Neither the question what is the point of this blog post)

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