Sunday, June 10, 2012

IIFA 2012, Singapore - What a flop show

If you've been to IIFA, Singapore chances are high you left the place early. This is by far the ugliest (yes, ugliest), unorganized and boring show. The organizers never mentioned that there would be any big stars (Salman etc) so the interest levels're low already. The location is quite bad too. In Singapore we don't have the critical mass unlike in Dubai. But thanks to the popularity of our Khans in Malaysia/Indonesia there are plenty of locals. But they don't really understood the jokes, moves so the crowd was silent and the energy levels're low.

On top of it the tickets're priced too high. If the organizers really want to make money they can try on video rights or other stuff. Not on the tickets. If they dont want people joining there then they could do it in a studio.

By the way ticket costs a min $110 and I believe this is for 'audio' only ticket which means you can hear but you can't see. If you want to see some reasonable visual it would make you poorer by $750. This is not the expensive one as there are others @ 1500, 2500.


  1. Completely agree. I was there and paid high price. Never again. Started 2 hours late nd most of the show was the presenters talking with each other or something prerecorded. About 4 performances....the rest was just boredom.

  2. One of the worst event ever. They gave such high expectations but failed to deliver miserably. Seems they haven't learned from CWG yet.

  3. You're right - the hype from Wizcraft made it sound as if they had Bollywood tinsel town wrapped around their finger. IIFA's own brand ambassador SRK didn't show up. Anil Kapoor who came to Singapore to announce the venue didn't show up. Shahid Kapoor, who was presenting disappeared for most of the show leaving it all to Farhan. Even the few celebs that did turn up looked bored. Am 1000 dollars out of pocket and what did I get for it? Cramp in my legs as the sitting area was tiny (even the stars had to sit on flimsy chairs), nasty expensive food that's worse than the cinema, 2 hours sitting around waiting for it to start, lots of pre-recorded screenings, and the odd performance or two. A secondary school would have put on a better show.

    Interesting to see whether anyone will show up for next year, or even if anyone will bother wasting their airtime to show it on TV. I certianly won't ever be attending again or watching it on tv for free. What a waste of time and money.

  4. Yes. agree with you all.
    I don't think anybody will join next year if they put it in Singapore. So this is a one time show in SG and the event organizer are successful to rob the money.

    I heard next time it's in canada and hope they will put some effort next time based on this year feedback.

  5. Its a shame because Singapore knows how to out on spectacular shows. Lady Gaga, Duran Duran, the GP etc. the city is amazing. It was the organisers and promoters that balls it all up on Saturday.

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