Monday, June 11, 2012

Government rejects all proposals for NIMS aka Common Set-top Box

Source: CNA

My immediate reaction. We've killed a revolutionary product successfully.

I know what you're saying. This doesn't work, Singapore market is too small... But please wait.

My thoughts were similar until I realized the power of internet television or streaming video; couple of years ago. I was working very closely with an IP TV operator in APAC and I tried my best to convince that the way to move forward is not 'simulating/copying cable tv' where people subscribe for packages but more in to Youtube model. Which means you've the content and people simply watch what they want (money is deducted ofcourse)

If that's the case, then we'd have a appstore model or youtube model in our Pay TV market. The beauty of it is this model will leverage on the power of IP (or packet transport). From user point of view the advantages were endless. User can watch "Any Program, Any Time on Any Device"

From SP point of view, they can monetize the content much more easily and effectively. However the big roadblock was the Set Top Box. The SP need to have a STB which works like a pure IP Router but at a much lower price point and with features to support future requirements. The models then couldn't support and the Operator even looked ad X-Box as a viable option. In the end the outcome was different.

If Singapore were to invest in a common STB which can works exactly like a universal IP box, this could have resulted in few patents and more importantly "valuable experiences". The world is moving towards IP and if not today, we'll see VoD gaining upperhand and context/consumer based advertisement taking precedence. Imagine the kind of knowledge, experience we've lost. This might have been used in future contracts/entertainment systems.

Anyway, back to the old days. We'll be stuck with multiple set top boxes and remotes in our living rooms till one day we'll through all and opt for Apple TV or Google TV.

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