Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oops SingTel did it again.. MIO TV glitches during EPL season finale

Source: CNA

SingTel did it again with its MIO TV. I'm sure the exec, engineers will kill who ever with the name Murphy.

During the most critical moment the system failed again. As usual, SingTel issued a statement that

This was due to an unprecedented number of viewers tuning in for the season finale. 

So now, we've

  • Expensive HDB's/Condo because 'unprecedented number of people migrated to Singapore'
  • Trains failing because of 'more than anticipated people riding public transport'
  • Slow/poor mobile networks because people are using mobiles
  • TV/Cable systems failing because people are watching programs.
The root cause is clear. It's the people
We should schedule it in a way, like in a HDB block, all the even number units should watch first half. Odd number units should watch for the remaining half. Then they can share between themselves.

Remember, you shouldn't sms or call each other. It could congest the mobile network.


  1. Now,my mio TV Is giving me issues after upgrade to VER 2.0 System,when I watch Channel 102 to 117,it will just show a VER 2.0 the left or Freeze Frame sign on of the TV Screen.Other channels were fine.WTF SingTel mio TV.

  2. LoL. You could have called them or written.