Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hyderabad Airport - Skyhigh User Charges, Terrible service/Experience. Top of it the "manual check-in with hand written boarding pass"

I saw in a news (Not sure if it's Hindu) that Hyderabad Airport is the 4th most expensive airport to fly & Delhi is the most expensive airport to fly in the world. Incidentally both are operated by the same company.

The sad part is the "Value" offered by these airports. I just returned from a short trip from Hyderabad and the experience is as frustrating as one would expect in Indian airports. But paying exorbitant charges and getting ridiculous experience is what makes me pissed off and decided not to fly to Hyd again.

I don't think I can write it here but want to share a "real surprise". Have you ever told that the "check-in" computers are failed and passengers need to do a "manual checkin" by writing their names, details, flight info and passport stuff on a piece of white paper?

It happened and yes, it's in Hyderabad. This exercise alone caused a havoc at the check-in counter as many passengers were searching for pens and writing in queue. As usual the service staff are sitting at their seats & talking over their cellular phones. Result: 30 min delay to the flight and a mad rush of people running to the security area.

Atleast the Singapore Air (I've purchased the ticket through SQ) could have taken control of the situation but they seems to be missing.

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