Thursday, February 8, 2018

Is it another "upgrade" turning in to "outage"? - SingPass, CorpPass services back online after hours of 'intermittent access'

Source: CNA

Remember a few days ago, Singpass putting a notice saying that on 6th or 7th they're doing a maintenance activity. Now, this.

I have little doubt in saying that the most likely case is "some" unexpected code or config making the upgraded system not so stable or offering some "unwanted" feature :)

We've seen in many instances (remember OCBC, Singtel, M1...) the avoidable outages causing failure. Blame it on the cloud or some "component" or "environmental factors" or whatever, these are simply avoidable with a clear fall back plan and detailed testing. 

Singpass/Gov services are probably the best in the world but these are serving Singapore, where we always want to best ourselves simply and not to sit on our past laurels. So tighten up and time to review some of the past actions.

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