Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just a phone number is what is needed to hack the phone - Really XXXX article

Source: CNA

There is a very clear screen showing that the user need to download + agree to give the "app" full rights to use Camera, Location, Read/Send/Delete/Modify SMS, Make/Receive Phone calls & what not.

Worse part: the link is here which looks like it can't be more suspicious than putting "click me so to get hacked in".

So this so called hacking requires:

* Person enabling "app download from unknown sources"
* Clicking a really suspicious link
* Installing by accepting all "asks" from App
* Not bothering to check why the App is not giving any coupons or promos

If the person / target / victim doesnt understand this (even after the Gov pasting posters on almost all the lifts, public places and in internet ads), then perhaps the best would be to go with a dumb phone (?) like me or pay to another weird AV firm few $ to get questionable peace of mind.

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