Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fibre to the home - Thanks to the Gov vision in 2010.

200/200 Mbps Download/Upload speeds and unlimited data volume. For a price of SGD 39/Month. This is what Singapore managed to do with Fibre to the Home. I was a bit sceptical originally in 2010, and the project itself went in to many challenges (still ongoing with lead times to install fibre, or change operators) but end of the day it is a great boon to house holds. I've checked my bills and I found out that in year 2003, I paid SGD 58 to a cable operator for 3 Mbps broadband connectivity. Followed by SGD 41 for 6 Mbps ADSL, then SGD 39, and SGD 72 for 20 Mbps before I subscribed at SGD 31 for 30 Mbps Fibre to home in 2011.

It's a good experience overall and I know I can't ask for more given my current services comes with free residential telephone with unlimited local calls, and a free WiFi router.  

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