Monday, February 11, 2013

Power of Crowd, Social Networking, Collaboration - For a good cause

The CNY is a period enjoyed with all good stuff. Many folks doesn't want to hear the number '4' during these days.
However one family wasn't as blessed as the rest for couple of days. Their Child went missing on 09th Feb. Singapore is such an efficient country, things can be pretty fast and the info went up in hours. Singapore police force started efforts and also asked public to help. Then went in to Social Network. Yes, Singapore police does use Facebook ;)

The boy relatives started a website to do "COORDINATED SEARCH". This is where things get to start a real case of how powerful the concept can be. They started to use technology( i.e. google maps; social nw.) and result.

A happy & joyful Family on 10th Feb.

The Blog they started was still up here.

Google Maps for sharing the search effort. Google Maps

A screen shot of the Google Maps below.

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